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When ED Pills Don’t Work, What’s Next?

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August 11, 2020 | 7:00 pm

Oral medications for ED are effective for approximately 70% of men, but what are the options when the pills don't work?

In this webinar, Dr. Casey McCraw, urologist and sexual medicine specialist, explains why some men 'fail' oral medications for erectile dysfunction, and why other medical treatments may work. As a prosthetic surgeon, he'll also take a deep dive into the penile implant option.

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Perhaps oral medications for ED didn’t work for you, or don’t work for you now. Dr. McCraw is here to cut through the fluff and give you the facts that can help you find success.

In this webinar, Dr. McCraw will discuss:

  • Why Knowing the Underlying Causes of ED is Important
  • Medical Treatment Options Beyond the Pills
  • Surgical Treatment Options

About the Presenter

Casey O. McCraw, MD is a fellowship trained, Men’s Sexual Health and prosthetic urologist. Dr. McCraw is a leader in the workup and treatment of erectile dysfunction, Peyronie’s disease and male urinary incontinence. He has published and co-authored numerous peer reviewed articles on the matter and continues to be asked to present on these topics at meetings around the world. He is expertly trained in diagnosing the root cause of each problem and formulating an individualized treatment plan that fits the patient and his family.

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