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What is MYHIXEL?

MYHIXEL is a new FDA Registered Class II medical device for the treatment of premature ejaculation and climax control. The MYHIXEL method combines the MYHIXEL stimulation device and ‘Play’ mobile app with its gamified and personalized climax control training programs.

How does it work?

MYHIXEL employs a cognitive behavioral method to help men learn how to delay the trigger reflex for ejaculation. The MYHIXEL Play app provides a series of progressive exercises to identify and control the pelvic muscles responsible for triggering ejaculation.

The manufacturer and it’s medical design team of urologists and sexual therapists say the average training program may take 8 to 10 weeks to maximize benefits. Men can apply what they have practiced and learned with the MYHIXEL method with their partners during sexual intercourse.

Heat, Vibration, Stimulation

The MYHIXEL stimulation device has a heating element that replicates internal body temperature and a specifically tuned vibration feature to increase stimulation as part of the proprietary climax control training program. The anatomically designed device interior is made with flexible, adaptable, and tremendously soft material to simulate the same sensations men feel during real penetration. MYHIXEL can be used by all men, regardless of size. Application of a water-based lubricant is required for use.

MED or Tr?

The performance evolution of the user’s ejaculatory latency and control times are tracked in the completely anonymised MYHIXEL Play app. In other words, the manufacturer never knows the identity of Play app users.

There are two distinct climax control Play app programs: MED and TR. The MYHIXEL MED is for men who typically ejaculate in less than 3 minutes during sexual intercourse. Both MED and TR therapy programs are based on similar scientific methods, but the MED program is for men with more severe climax control issues and for men who are clinically diagnosed with PE.

The MYHIXEL TR is for men who want to improve climax control or for stimulation with a partner or alone. The MYHIXEL TR is also a good choice for men on an ED treatment plan. They can also use TR to test ED medication results before engaging in sex with their partner.

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