April 2018 | menMD

Ask Renée: Should I tell my wife I’m using Viagra?

April 24, 2018 | Category: Ask Renée

A reader asks Renée: should I tell my wife that Viagra is the reason for my newfound performance or should I keep it to myself?

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sex after 65

Sex After 65 and Other Aging Facts

| Category: Physician Articles

While it’s true that we change as we age, there are some parts of aging that are not normal and should serve as red flags for you to discuss with your doctor.

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Canadian Pharmacies-Beware

Buyer Beware: ‘Canadian Pharmacies’

| Category: menMD Articles

Low cost comes at a price. Patients often ask for my opinion on obtaining drugs inexpensively through online sources listed as “Canadian” Pharmacies. My reply is always the same, that I don’t recommend it.

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